History of  Phillaur     The Phillaur is built on one side of the Grand Trunk road.  The Town of Phillaur was founded by "Phull" a Sanghera Jatt by Caste , Who named it after himself as "Phulnagar".The Naru Rajputs of Mau a township nearby had cast covetous their Chieftain Rae Shahr wrested it from the Jats. Rae Rallan Pal, the Son of Rae  Shahr , Liked it so much that he abandoned Mau and settled in Phillaur. The   Jats  and then it was deserted by the Rajputs. Nothing is known there after until the region of the moghul Emperor Shah Jehan (1627-1658) When an Imperial Serai was built at Phillaur, Subsequently.The Town was Occupied By Kakar Sikhs and held until Mahlarajla Ranjit Singh ( 1780-1839) Seized all the Kakar Estates.  

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