The Harimandir , Amrit sarowar  and the Akal Takht - place where sacred books of Sikhs are kept , the Granth Sahib , The Guru ka langar ,  community kitchen , provides free food to thousands  every day . 
Guru Ram Das Niwas and other such places provide accommodations to pilgrims .The central Sikh museum , the Baba Atal Tower - the tallest buildings in the city decorated with murals and frescos , the Ramgarhia Minars  are important features in the temple complex

Art Gallery named a the Martyrs Gallery : paintings of the massacre ,  and political leaders are displayed .
Ram Bagh gardens in the new part of the town . It was here that Maharaja Ranjit Singh built his summer palace .  

Jallianwala Bagh     
    Where hundreds of Indians were killed and  wounded during the freedom struggle - on 13 April 1919. A  monument has been built . Four stone lanterns flank the pylon of the bagh , which looks like a flame. It comprises 300 piece of red stone of Dholpur quarries ( Rajasthan ) and the base and the plinth are made of pieces of granite from Banglore ( four stone lanterns , scattered over the site provide subdued lightning . At the entrance # .2 the garden is open terrace made of kota stone ( Rajasthan ) . This is the spot from where the soldiers opened fire .The terrace is flanked by two loggias  studdied with Asoka Chakras .   The memorial was inaugurated in 1961.

Durgiana Temple 
A walk away from the complex through the narrow passageways brings the visitors to the 16th  century Hindu temple of Durgiana . They are also several other important temples and mosques in the old city . The mosque of Mohammed Jan with its pure white domes and slim minarets is.


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