Situated at a distance of 45 kms from Faridkot, Muktsar is famous for its Sikh shrines .Muktsar also has a number of Gurudwaras such as Rikab Ganj, Datan Sahib , Dukhbhajan Sahib etc. which- commemorate incidents from the life of Guru Gobind  Singh ji.-

   Gurudwara ' Tuti Gandhi Sahib '

This Gurudwara is a tribute to those 40 soldiers of Majha who deserted the Guru Gobind Singh during the siege of Anandpur Sahib but later rejoined the Guru's army after being  looked down upon by their women . These very soldiers died while fighting gallantly for him. When the Guru was enlightened about this fact , he kissed all dead and the dying and with tears in his eyes and as a sign of forgiveness, tore away their disclaimer which they had given to the Guruji before the desertion . In honour of their surrender , Guru Gobind Singh ji  named them as the emancipated ones ' and those "Mukats " have been incorporated in the daily prayer of the Sikhs .

   Gurudwara Tibbi Sahib

 This is the spot from where Guru Gobind Singh ji  shot his arrows at the enemies while fighting with Mughals .It was here that the Guru rested his weary limbs for a while . Connecting Punjab World Wide

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